Catching Up…

Hello Puppers ~
It has been a bit since our last update and there has been some wonderful news and new additions…

The first lucky pup to find his forever home was Caspian. He had been with MaPaw for a month before he was truly ready to begin his search for a forever home. Within days of making his debut on the MaPaw website, he soon became Mr. Popularity. It could have been his soulful eyes ~ everyone who saw his photo seemed to fall in love with him. Once you meet him, you’ll find that he has an incredible personality to match those eyes. Caspian has found a wonderful home with a canine housemate.

Caspian was adopted on March 31st.

Rehnquist was the next guy to find his new family. He was an owner surrender who remained with his family while we helped him find a new family. When our volunteers first met Rehnquist, they fell in love with his wonderful personality (and his typical Husky good looks). He is so loving and a true cuddler, which is good cause he’s helping heal some broken hearts in his new family who are dealing with the recent loss of their beloved canine family member.

Rehnquist was adopted on March 31st.

Next up was Luke, the boy that came to MaPaw so very sick and frail. After months of medications and TLC from his foster family, Luke was finally ready to begin his search. Luckily for Luke, he didn’t have to wait long. His new Mum had met him while he was still on medical hold and fell in love. Luke just needed the okay from the doctor that he was ready to go to his new home and meet his sibelings (he now has 3 of them!). Luke has certainly come a long way ~ from fighting for his life to being a spoiled and loved member of a wonderful family.

Luke was adopted on April 12th.

Bear was the next lucky boy. Bear had come to us after being rescued from a foreclosed home where his owner abandoned him. Understandably, Bear had some anxiety when alone and would pace and whine in new situations. He needed a family that understood his past and could give him the time he needed to become comfortable. At 10 years young, Bear was still an active member of his foster home who enjoyed playing with his canine housemates, but it is harder to place senior pups. When we got his new Mum’s application, we thought this might be a good match and after speaking with her, we knew it definitely was the perfect home for Bear. He would never be alone and would even have a canine sibling. Oh yeah ~ almost forgot the “spoiled to death” part.

Bear was adopted on April 14th.

Cassie wasn’t with us long before she started gathering admirers. All you had to do was meet this sweet little gal and you would fall in love! Cassie is a gorgeous red and white adult female estimated to be about 6 years old. She found herself at an area shelter after being picked up as a stray. Surprisingly, nobody ever came forward to take her home. She quickly settled into her foster home and was soon ready to begin the search for her forever home. Lucky for her, Sierra (a MaPaw alum) was thinking she might be ready for a sibeling to share her human Dad with. The gals met and they were quickly great friends. Cassie went home the following weekend.

Cassie was adopted April 22, 2012.

Our most recent happy tail is our goofy Kiernan. Kiernan came to MaPaw when his family found that they were not able to offer Kiernan the time and attention he needed. They asked us to help find him the perfect home and we think we’ve done just that. He has found a family that is looking forward to loving and spoiling him for a long time to come AND he has a canine sibling to play and nap with.

Kiernan was adopted April 28, 2012.

Congratulations to all of our lucky pups and their new families!

Now, let’s welcome the new pups to MaPaw…

On March 15th, 2 MaPaw pups returned to us. Meadow and Shelby had been adopted together and were settling in when a medical emergency struck their new family. The girls came back to MaPaw temporarily while their new Mum recuperated. When their Mum was strong enough, they returned to their home. Unfortunately, their new Mum realized that she was no longer able to care for the pair. Meadow and Shelby are a great pair who can be adopted together or separately. Shelby needs a canine companion since she is still shy and she learns from the pups around her.

On March 23rd, Cassie joined the MaPaw family. This beautiful gal was found as a stray and surprisingly, nobody ever came forward to claim her. We still can’t understand how someone wasn’t missing her. She is a gorgeous 6ish year old girl that is an absolute love. She enjoys a good play session with her canine housemates and loves spending time with the humans.

On March 31st, 3 dogs made their way to the Farm. First up, Zeva and Frankie made their way from a Delaware shelter to the Farm. Their stay was only temporary as they met their new foster homes there. Zeva is an adorable (and slightly mischievous) 6 month old redhead who is full of herself. Luckily, her foster home has a young Sibe which is a must for this little gal!

Frankie is a 10 month old handsome pup with a white coat and blue eyes. While we didn’t know it when we first met him, Frankie was not well. Frankie’s foster Mum noticed that Frankie was not acting like himself and quickly made a doctor’s appointment. After consulting with the doctor and several conversations, we decided to take him to emergency care where someone would be observing him for changes in his condition. Having recently watched Luke go through pneumonia and associated complications and losing Dora, we chose to be proactive with his care. Luckily, we got him to emergency care because he quickly progressed to having pneumonia in both lungs. After an overnight stay with IV fluids, antibiotics and lots of supportive care, Frankie was able to go back to his foster home. He just had his 2 week checkup and the doctor thinks that Frankie is doing very well. His lungs sounded clear and the doctor is optimistic that he will make a full recovery. We are excited for Frankie to be able to start the search for his forever family.

The third pup that joined us on the 31st was Tiger. Tiger is a 10 year old gal whose family found that the long hours that she was alone was making her anxiety worse. They were heartbroken, but felt it would be best for Tiger if she were able to find a family that would be able to spend time with her and reassure her. She is on medication for her anxiety and has settled into her routine at the Farm. Tiger has a wonderful personality and enjoys spending time with the humans.

Our busy weekend wasn’t quite done. We had one more pup to bring into MaPaw. Jasper is a 2 year old boy that is on the bigger side. He found himself at an area shelter because of his bigger size and energy level ~ the boy just wants to play! After the addition of a new baby, Jasper’s family felt that he needed to find a family that was better suited to find an outlet for his energy. This boy is a joy to be around and is constantly looking for somepup to play a game of chase with.

Our final new pup to tell you about is Blaze. Yup, it’s that same handsome Blaze that was adopted just 6 months ago. Unfortunately due to life changes, his family must find Blaze a new family. This handsome boy is almost 7 years old. He is at a wonderful age where he still loves to play, but also enjoys those quiet times too. Blaze enjoys the company of humans and canines alike and would do best in a home with another canine housemate to share his time with.

Welcome to our new pups! We look forward to sharing more Happy Tails for these pups with you soon!

If you’d like to know more about any of our newest pups, please contact us ~ we would love to tell you more about them!

~ Scout

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