Updates on Luke & Radar

Hello Puppers ~
I had the pleasure of meeting up with Luke at Petco today. He definitely seems in better spirits, but does still tire easily. He is such a nice guy. He still has a bit of a cough, but not nearly as bad as it once was (according to his foster Mum). He made the trip to Petco with his foster brother, Zeke. Luke could only stay for a little while before he had to go rest in the car. He will be going to get his chest x-ray and follow up vet visit this week. We’re hoping for good news…

Also, had a chance to check in with Radar. He wasn’t at Petco, but his foster Mum was. She reports that he is doing well. He has a great appetite and is being a very good patient, taking all of his medications. Later this week, he’ll be evaluated to see if he really does have degenerative myelopathy.

Check back soon for updates!

~ Scout

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