Age: 7 Years
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Congratulations Rex!!!

Rex is a seven year old grey and white husky with bright blue eyes. Sadly his family was forced to move and could not take Rex so they secured him in the back yard and went over daily to feed him. Poor Rex was very lonely.

Rex began his life as an indoor pet and enjoyed being part of the family. He is trustworthy in the house and housebroken. He is an extremely happy and affectionate boy that just wants to love and be loved. Rex is a joy to be around.

Rex’s dream home would be one where he can hang out and receive a lot of attention. He is good with other dogs his size or larger and enjoys a good romp and game of chase as long as he can relax and love his humans inside where he belongs.

If you are looking for a happy go lucky friend to be by your side, please ask us about this great dog.


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