In Memory of Dakota

Dakota was our first Siberian Husky, our sweet painted face Husky with a striking “lightning bolt” on the top of her head. She had one brown and one blue eye. We rescued her from an abusive situation with a 7 year old boy, who hit her with a hockey stick. We brought her home, and the next day, had a stockade fence installed. When the fence was finished, we let her loose in the yard; she ran, ran and ran. I built her a dog house and she would love to run fast into it, we would be so surprised that she didn’t hit her head on the back of it! Having a nice big yard, I decided to build a picnic table for us to entertain my kids but she took it over and proudly sat on top for hours. She dug one specific hole right under the largest tree in the yard and would curl up for hours in the shade, until her very own pool came then she would gingerly walk in it and drink from it. That is how she met Zacky – who we rescued from the New Haven Shelter just 2 days before being put down. He bounded into the yard, saw her pool and promptly stomped his way in with her. Dakota, being a pedigree brat or Queen, just looked at him with disdain but never barked or yelped. One look from Dakota and you knew what she was thinking.

She loved bonies and would guard them for hours only then yelping at Zacky or Sailor if they came near them! At 4 PM every day for the past 2 years, she would come out of the bedroom – her safe haven and “nose” or WOO you for her bonies… Her appetizer before dinner. Dinner was a calm experience with Dakota, unlike Zacky who pranced between people, she laid under the table always knowing she would get people food eventually. She was refined and had manners.

Dakota was with us when we moved to St. Maarten. Once the huskies did escape and off she went – always in the lead – we heard that she ran into one of the villas down the road whose door was open, got a drink of water and continued on. We know because the French lady whose house they decided to visit told us the one with the 2 eyes came in and then dashed off. Luckily a kind couple corralled them and called us and we got them back, however, in that climate it was quite a bit away from home.

Each dog and of course, each husky has its own personality. Dakota was a loner pretty much and at times aloof, but her gentle eyes and that gorgeous face could do you in.

Each night, I would lay down with her and do “moonies”, say goodnight and give her a kiss. “Moonies”, and she knew the word, was to rub the white area above her eyes. It calmed her and she loved it.

We knew since July she was failing and we believe the loss of Zacky – even if they didn’t interact so much in the last years, made her grieve in her own way. Her legs and backend gave out in the end and she went peacefully on November 22, just 4 months after our nutty and loveable Zacky. Our original two huskies can never be replaced in our hearts and we are so grateful they came to us – we had 10 wonderful years. There will be other Siberians, but Dakota and Zacky will always be cherished in our hearts.

From dad… She is now with her Zacky, running free North of Rainbow Bridge, run like the wind my girl, daddy will be with you and Zacky someday.

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