Many of you who read our blog have either been a foster home or an adopter of a rescue dog. As I write this, it’s hard for me to remember that 8 years ago I was a lonely pup sitting in a kennel of a shelter wondering what was going on….

Dear Foster Home/Adopter ~

When we first met, I may have been a little dirty, a little underweight or in need of a good brushing. I may have been shy or bouncing off the wall. The staff may have told you that I didn’t like other dogs. But you still gave me a pet and talked kindly to me. You took the time to look past my flaws and hung out with me for a little while. Sure you pulled on my ears and my tail, picked up my feet (which was kinda weird in case you were wondering) and fed me treats. I had no idea that I was being tested ~ I just enjoyed our time together so much…

You were looking for a companion ~ I was looking for my family.

When we walked out of that shelter together, it was like stepping into a new life. The grass seemed greener, the sun seemed brighter and the sky seemed clearer. I had no idea how close I had been to never seeing the outside again.

You laughed at the way I pranced around with my nose in the air. How were you supposed to know that I hadn’t smelled fresh air for over a week? I jumped into the back seat of your car and quickly laid down. You couldn’t understand how plush those car seats felt after sleeping on the concrete. As we drove along, the breeze tickled my ears and I couldn’t hide the smile on my face! Looking back, your radio may have been a little loud ~ but I didn’t mind cause it was still much quieter than 20 dogs barking at once.

When we pulled up to your house, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I couldn’t wait to get inside to investigate the barking I heard, yet I was worried that the barking dogs wouldn’t like me. Would I be welcomed into your house? Would I find my place in your pack?

As we walked to your door, you thought to yourself, “Please let everyone get along”.

You decided to introduce us one dog at a time starting with the one easiest to get along with. That first introduction went smoothly, as did the next one and the last one. Within an hour, I was chasing my new siblings around the yard. We only stopped when it was time to eat. I couldn’t eat my dinner fast enough, but then again, I hadn’t eaten anything since the night before. But how were you supposed to know that? After dinner, we played some more. I hadn’t run this much since my owner dropped me off on the side of the road. Boy was I tired!

When it was finally time for bed, I paced trying to find the perfect piece of floor to sleep on. That is, until you showed me that I had my very own fluffy bed to sleep on. I think I may have seen your eyes water a little when I circled three times, curled into a ball and tucked my nose under my tail to sleep. I let out a sigh of relief just before I fell asleep. I slept so soundly that night ~ it was so comfortable and quiet.

Sometimes when I’m laying in the sunshine in front of my favorite window, I catch you watching me. I wonder if you’re thinking the same thing I am ~ I’m so happy we met that day….

~ Chloe

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