Callie Visits Her Neurologist

As you may recall, Callie has been on medications for epilepsy for most of her life. In fact, the reason that she joined MaPaw when she was just 10 months old was because her family could not afford to care for her condition. Initially, it was believed that we could get her medications regulated and she would be able to start her search for a furever home. Unfortunately, Callie’s seizures were so severe and so frequent that we felt the best home for her would be the foster home that she was already in. So Callie became a permanent resident of MaPaw!

Callie is such a character and plays nonstop with her foster siblings! If you watch her play, you can see that she has suffered some brain damage from her multiple grand mal seizures.

About a year ago, Callie’s foster Mum decided to take her to a neurologist to make sure that we were doing everything we could for this sweet little gal. From the first time they met Dr. Northington, both Callie and her foster Mum just loved him. Over the past year, Callie’s medications have been tweaked so we can best control her seizures. She still has seizures, but they are not nearly as frequent and severe as they were when she first came to MaPaw.

When Callie visited Dr. Northington on Monday, she got some really exciting news…… He felt that Callie no longer needed all of the medications that she was currently taking, so he took her off one of them.

We are so happy for Miss Callie! While she will always have seizures, we are so grateful that we have been able to control them with Dr. Northington’s help (of course). Way to go Callie!!!

~ Chloe

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