A Busy Tuesday for MaPaw

We received the call at 12 pm Monday ~ there were 2 Huskies in a Maryland shelter that was way beyond full. They needed an answer by 4 pm ~ that only gave us 4 hours to find foster homes to house the 2 young lads! MaPaw has awesome members and we have been able to pull off rescues in short periods of time before, but this was cutting it close. Not only that… all of our foster homes were full.

We sent out the plea for help and got on the phones, not really sure how it was all going to turn out. By 3 pm, we had our answer…..

We did it!!!! We actually had more than 2 foster homes step forward offering their homes at least temporarily so that we could make sure these boys were safe. Arrangements were made with the shelter to pick them both up on Tuesday.

Our first boy was picked up yesterday morning and transported to Bernie, his new foster Mom (yeah ~ she’s also Tex’s foster Mom). Here’s the handsome devil with Kelly who sprung him from the shelter and drove him all the way to PA!!

The second boy needed to be neutered before he could leave so he couldn’t be picked up until late yesterday afternoon. Kelly once again drove to Maryland to pick him up and brought him home. As you can see from the photo, he’s having no trouble making himself comfortable….

Since both of the boys were strays, they have no names. Both foster homes are trying to figure out names that suit them perfectly. Check back to find out their names and more about them as we get to know 2 of our newest additions.

I know what you’re saying ~ 2 dogs is kinda busy, but not that busy, Chloe. What if I added another pup to the mix? That’s right ~ MaPaw picked up another pup from a shelter yesterday! This little lady was a stray found in PA and she needed our help. We had already arranged to spring her yesterday before we even knew about the boys. She’s on the small side and so very sweet! The shelter named her Sabrina, which is a cool name but we’re not sure if it’s the right name for her. Check back to find out what we decide…..

Whew!! I’m tired just writing about all of the crazy goings on of yesterday. I bet all 3 of these pups slept well last night. Once they’ve settled, we’ll take lots of photos and post bios on our site, www.sibes.com, as well as here.

To the 3 pups ~ welcome to the MaPaw family!

To Kelly, Bernie, Ma & Pa ~ you guys are beyond AMAZING!!! Thanks for opening your homes and your hearts to these 3 pups!!

Woo Woo and have a great day!

~ Chloe

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