Growing Up in Rescue

Hey everypuppy, Blue here! So, I’ve started going to school a couple days a week at Dog Town. I get to play with all different kinds of dogs from Chesapeake Bay Retrievers to Chihuahuas and best of all, I don’t have any poo accidents in the house!

Well, besides going there for school, I also go for playdates with some of my MaPaw friends. Foster dogs and permanent dogs get together to mingle off lead. We don’t have to behave nicely like we try to do at meet & greets. Today, though, I want to talk about one particular dog I got to visit at Dog Town on Sunday, Rocky Pup! Okay, now, I have to start with a picture of Rocky Pup shortly after he came to MaPaw at the end of July. Here he is napping in the grass at a meet & greet after all the hard work of having people fawn over him. It’s exhausting to be a puppy.

Then here he is getting a drink at the Hike & Howl in early September. You can see already his legs have gotten long. But now, look at him! This is Rocky Pup at the play date this past weekend. Can you even believe how big he’s gotten? He’s as tall as I am. Okay, I know I’m short, but I’m no puppy. Clearly Rocky Pup is going to pass me soon. I’ll have to look up when I say, Hi Rocky Pup!

You know what, though? He is a very nice, polite, young man. You know how Siberian adolescents can be a bit, um, rude? Well that’s not Rocky Pup at all. He is playful, but also gentle and quiet. When other dogs get fussy, he just walks away and finds another playmate. It’s clear to me that Rocky Pup’s foster parents and siblings are doing are a great job raising him. All he needs now is a good family to continue guiding him to be a wonderful adult dog.
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