Farmer Maverick

Hi Puppies, I love bringing you stories of new found families. Maverick never really got used to all the big, rowdy puppies living here, so we had been looking for a quieter home where he could enjoy the undivided attention of his humans.

Liz and Ken live in a beautiful old house on a small farm in New Jersey. They have had Labradors in the past, but were looking for a less rambuctious adult dog. Since they have a Greater Swiss granddog, they browsed Petfinder for that breed and came across Maverick. He was exactly the sort of quiet, adult dog they needed. When Maverick arrived home, he ran excitedly through every room and thanked Liz for not having any other dogs. Mama and Papa talked about Maverick’s stressful reaction to entering our home, but of course he did not have that reaction when he moved to his forever home.

So now Maverick is a New Jersey farmer. Liz has updated us since the big day. Maverick has been a wonderful match for their family. He gets plenty of one-on-one play time with his humans and sleeps in their bed when they are away from home. He plays nicely with his canine cousins, but is happy to go back to his own home. We are so happy for Maverick and his new family.
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