A Howling Success!

Oh my goodness, Puppies, what a fantastic day! Look at all the hikers who came out to support The Alliance of Northern Breed Rescues. First of all, I need to say a big THANK WOO to everyone who pledged to me. With your help I raised over $200 in pledges and felt very good about my contribution to the day’s success.Everyone had a great time introducing their puppies to each other or just lounging in the cool grass under the big trees. Do you see who is in the background of this scene?Here is a close-up so you can see a little better. That is right. It is Maximus! He brought his family out to hike and enjoy the day, and we were so glad to see him. His fur is already longer than it was when he left here.Speaking of seeing a former foster dog, I spotted Jasper and his mama running across the lawn while two rowdy youngsters wrestled nearby. Jasper’s fur, which used to be red with damage, is now a striking solid black.We had so many exciting activites and demonstrations throughout the day. On the left is an animal first aid demonstration given with the help of the life sized practice CPR Siberian. He is one helpful Husky. Below, Save our Siberians, an organization that gives extra aid to rescue Huskies who need special medical attention, is showing how they raise funds. They spin Siberian fur into yarn and knit or crochet that furry yarn into hats, scarves, and other fun items they can sell.

Mama got a Magnum tattoo while she was there. It only makes sense that she should have me permanently impressed upon her. Okay, it is not permanent, but the face painting booth was turning out some great pictures of paw prints, puppies, and other requests. The boy on the right here asked for a skull tattoo on his cheek. Anything for the dogs.

We also had a visit from a giant stuffie. I noticed some dogs were excited and some were afraid when they saw the giant stuffie, but Grandma took Maverick and me over to the stuffie, which lead me to realize the stuffie smelled and sounded just like Mama. Well, if it smells like Mama and sounds like Mama, it must be a pretty nice stuffie. Oh, there was food too. Lots of food. Lots of begging and thieving Siberians.
Callie was feeling well enough to get out and enjoy the day. Callie has frequent cluster seizures that can be quite disabling, so friends were stopping to sign a get well card for her. We hope we can balanace her medication so she can enjoy more days out without worrying about seizures.Okay, so here is the worst thing that happened. I took Grandma and Grandpa home after just a couple hours so I could tell Blue about the events. Then, AFTER I LEFT, Maverick spotted Indy and they got to play. I was happy for Maverick, but I was awfully disappointed that I missed Indy. When Papa got home he kept saying how Indy was taller in real life and he was such a handsome dark red and so on.

Well, missed blogger buddy aside, I had a specatular time and I think everyone else did as well. So Thank Woo to everyone who participated, even if only in spirit, in the first annual Hike N Howl, and to our many supporters.
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