Walk for Paws

Hey Puppies! Hey! Codey here guest blogging for the day. Magnum has been talking to me about listening to the people because they are the leaders of the pack. I’m not sold on that idea, but I’m willing to give it some thought. I have decided that the puppies who live here are fun and not nearly as scary as I originally thought. The water dish is still scary, but that’s another issue.

I will say this for the people, they found some fun for us this weekend. Dawkin and I spent all day at the Walk for Paws hosted by the Chester County SPCA. We hung out with some other MaPaw foster dogs and a couple MaPaw success stories including Echo. Dawkin and I wore donation vests so people could make donations and pet us at the same time. Of course Dawkin had an advantage being mostly blind, but I got a good number of admirers as well. I jumped on people, barked a lot, and zoomed around like a psycho puppy to show everyone what it’s like to live with a handsome Husky. Really, though, I was very sweet. Dawkin and I were both pretty tired when we got home.

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