Two One-Eyed and One Two-Eyed

Hi Puppies, the young humans in Rickee’s family were sick when they returned from vacation and had to go visit the human vet (they are okay now) so we got to spend an extra day hanging out with Rickee.
Rickee was so excited to join his family again, he jumped and wooed and gave many, many kisses. Speaking of joining a family, we have exciting news here. Both of our one-eyed fosters have found families to care for them!

Jasper stole the hearts of a couple of MaPaw volunteers who helped transport him. They have been following his recovery and now they have taken over fostering. I say fostering, but let us be honest, he is home.Now Jasper has three younger brothers to care for him. Elvis is the gray and white leader of their pack, Sonic is the black and white baby of the bunch, and Nanook is the mix who needed a little time to warm up to someone taking his place as the newbie.

They are all getting along great now. Jasper likes looking (and barking) out the sidelights of the front door, and he even has a big bed there just like the one we have here. We are so happy that someone fell for our little old man.

Maximus also found a great family. He had an upset tummy last week and threw up when he met his new people. A little vomitting did not phase them, though, they loved our big, winking Husky. They have been waiting for a Husky for a long time and were so excited to welcome Maximus home. They even called us the next day to say how surprised they were that he is so well-behaved. Well, of course Maximus is a good pup, and now he has a good home.We also found a home for one of our two-eyed dogs. Munch is a rowdy, young gray and white who needed a constant playmate. He found exactly that in his new all white sister, Kira.

Munch and Kira played until they were both exhausted, then they collapsed by the water dish a while before they jumped up to play some more. Munch’s new people rescued Kira from a shelter where she was very sick, underweight, and missing much of her beautiful white fur. You can see she is now happy and healthy, so we have no worries that they will take excellent care of our Munch.

What a great month for MaPaw!

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