Jasper Update

Hi Puppies, Magnum here to update you all on Jasper’s progress. After two weeks and several cheeseburgers Jasper gained three pounds, bringing him up to 40 pounds, which is enough to begin heartworm treatment. He spent Thursday night at the vet’s office and has been very sick since then. The vet also found intestinal worms and began treatment for those so Jasper should not have so much trouble gaining weight now. Mama said he is not getting any more cheeseburgers now, just kibble, chicken, and rice. I got some chicken and rice in my kibble too, so I am a pretty happy boy. As you can see, Jasper and I have warmed up to each other. Mama says when he was fussy with me it was just because he was sick and scared about living in a new pack, so I am trying to be understanding. Since the vet visit Jasper spends all his time sleeping. He is taking some medicine to help him cough less and we are running a humidifier in the kitchen where he spends most of his time. His fur, which was very crunchy when he first arrived, is getting a little softer now. He needs a lot of rest now, but we are all hoping he begins to feel better soon.

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