Chena Heads Home

Hi puppies, Chena here with great news. I have a new family! My new brother and I ran and ran around my new big back yard.
At my foster home I was the fastest dog, but Kenai outruns me with no trouble. If we keep up all this running I’ll catch up to him eventually.
When I first got there, I discovered Kenai had left his unfinished breakfast on the floor, so I quickly finished it off for him. Then I wandered around in his huge crate. He didn’t mind sharing at all as long as I played with him, and I was thrilled to do that.

We took a break in between play sessions to practice a little training. My new mommy discovered that I know sit, but not stay, so we practiced a little. I’m anxious to please my new mommy and daddy, so I will work hard and learn quickly. I also went inside to beg my new daddy for something he was cooking that smelled really tasty. He didn’t give me a taste, but he did give me lots of pets.
Then it was back to play! By the end of the day Kenai and I were both exhausted. I am so happy to be home.

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