Hey puppies, Magnum here. Mama and Papa have been doing the foster dog shuffle again. Papa found a new foster family because they use the same groomer as Ananya. This is Cloe, who goes to the groomer to have her ears cleaned and claws clipped. Cloe and her family used to have a big Fila, who they miss very much. They also missed being able to play big dog games, so they thought fostering would be fun. Rocky, Buck, and Chena all went to visit their home. The kids were very excited about welcoming new puppies to their home, and although they were very gentle with Chena, she was a bit frightened by the commotion. Rocky and Buck, on the other paw, thought it was wonderful!
So that was that. Rocky and Buck decided to stay there until they get adopted. Mama and Papa said that for a week we were going to have just Chena before we started fostering a new dog, but you know how it goes.

There was a puppy named Freddie who came all the way from Korea to live with us. If he dug his way here, I must admit it is pretty impressive, but he is always trying to play. Sometimes I just want to sleep on the couch with no one pouncing on my head. I am trying to be the good big brother. Mama said technically we are not fostering Freddie, we are just holding him a week until he can go to his actual foster home. Anyway, her are some pictures, if you are into cute puppy pictures. Whatever. Here he is checking out one of the toys in the yard. Once in a while Mama jumps up saying, “You have to go outside?” and takes him out there. Then she has a party when he pees. Whoop-de-do. He looks like trouble if you ask me, but no one ever does.

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