East Norriton

Excuse me, puppies. Hello. I’m Shadow. Magnum said I had to post about this week’s meet & greet since he stayed home. Magnum’s mama and papa picked me up again to take me to the Pet Valu in East Norriton. They had their foster puppy, Kashmir, and we met up with Ace and Tigger once we got there.
I gave sweet, sad looks to a lot of people, hoping somebody would love me enough to take me home. I even got along nicely with Kashmir who was barking at everyone. I handed out brochures to many people and explained again and again what to expect from a Siberian Husky. People kept commenting on how mild-mannered I am, which is true. I’m pretty quiet compared to my Sibe friends and I’m very gentle. Here I’m asking politely for a treat.

In between talking to guests we had some good Husky play time. Here Ace, our newest addition, is on top Tigger. Star is watching from the background. Star is a MaPaw success story. She was adopted about five months ago and now her mom and dad are thinking of adopting a friend for her, so they came out to see who she would like.

Tigger says Star’s dad is a keeper!

Kashmir was exhausted after a couple hours. She still drew a lot of attention just sleeping in a Husky ball. These meet & greets are hard work for such a small puppy.

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