Congratulations Foxer!!


Foxer is a red and white husky mix with a huge heart and ears to match! We suspect he has some German Shepherd and Collie in him, but in any event this guy is a charmer! He came to us listed as 10 years old ~ if this is true, he is the youngest 10 year old we have had the pleasure to meet! He runs and plays with the best of them and has even jumped a half Dutch door to get in with his foster family and snuggle up.

Foxer is an extremely affectionate boy that just wants to be loved and near you. He is a gentle soul and always the first one to greet you in the morning or when you come home.

Foxer also has a half tail, which we were told was that way at birth. It certainly is fine and is almost always wagging. Foxer will be an excellent candidate for someone looking for a calmer dog. He will need a family that can give him the exercise he needs. Foxer is a welcomed and well-mannered houseguest who is trustworthy in the home.

Foxer enjoys snuggling, walks of any kind and trips in the car. He is good with dogs his size or larger and walks well on a leash. He is a very smart boy and likes to show off by sitting and giving paw. There is just one more thing that would make Foxer’s dream come true ~ his very own forever home!



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