Bella (2)

Congratulations Bella!


Bella is a spunky and loveable 7 month old puppy just looking for love ~ Her hypnotic blue eyes welcome anyone into her world of fun and games. This girl just wants to have fun!

Bella?s family loved her dearly but they had to move to a place that doesn?t allow dogs. They were heartbroken, but insisted on placing her with MaPaw so we would find the right home for her and know where she was and that she was happy for the rest of her life. We promised to do this.

Bella loves to play with the other huskies. She is a happy-go-lucky girl with lots of energy. She is vocal and not afraid to express her opinion, especially if it involves treats, petting or a new game to begin.

Bella is a growing girl and it is a joy to watch her becoming a true husky. She will need patience and continued training. Due to her age and energy level, she will need to find a home with another active dog to play with and a tall sturdy fence.


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