Nero & Navi


~Congratulations Nero & Navi!!

Age: approx. 2-3 years

Sex: Males

Size: Large

Nero and Navi are two young huskies approximately 2-3 years old that have been through a lot with each other. Sadly their main caregiver became ill and could no longer keep them. They are our guests until they find a new forever home.

Nero is a handsome black and white male husky and Navi is a pretty red and white girl. Where one goes, the other follows. They are a bonded pair that need to be adopted together. In fact, two huskies are easier than one since they keep each other company.

Both Nero and Navi are friendly, loving dogs that enjoy a good romp, love walks and just hanging with their human friends. They have made many friends at MaPaw, both two-legged and four. These pups are sure to make someone very, very happy for a long time.



Nero and Navi

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