MaPaw Update

Hello puppers ~
I know in my last post I said I was going to try to be better about posting more often. Clearly, that hasn’t worked out as I had hoped. In my defense, it is summer and I’ve been busy sunning myself in the yard. I also have a little brother who is a lot of work. He constantly needs to be entertained and sometimes I swear it’s a full time job! Of course, I’ve also made some time for vacation. It’s very stressful being me and I just need to get away to relax for a bit before making my way back to the “real world”.

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since July 15th! So much has happened since then. We’ve had quite a few additions to the MaPaw family since then. Let’s see ~ where to begin…

We had been working with Neiko’s owners for a little while trying to help them find a solution for his digestive issues. Unfortunately, they couldn’t afford the extensive tests their vet was suggesting and they felt that it wasn’t fair to Neiko. We’ve welcomed him into MaPaw and are now working to get Neiko on the right track. He loves to play with the other pups in his foster home and adores people. He has a stunning mask and an outstanding personality to match. Neiko won’t be available for adoption until we can figure out what is causing his digestive issues.

Courtney joined us from a shelter in DE where she was not doing well at all. She had been surrendered to the shelter by her owners for being an escape artist (duh ~ she’s a Husky!!!) and she was obviously overwhelmed by the shelter environment. When the shelter contacted us, we quickly made room for her. Courtney is estimated to be 3 – 4 years old and is an absolute love! She is getting along well with her housemates.

A few days after Courtney joined MaPaw, we got a call from another shelter. Two boys that had been found as strays together needed our help. Again, our wonderful foster homes came forward and we were able to find places for both of the handsome pups. So Monday (July 25th) they were both sprung from the shelter and made their way to their foster homes.

Ziggy is estimated to be 1 – 2 years old. He is settling in at his foster home and trying very hard to win over Jak. Ziggy also loves to swim, which is great since his foster home has a pool. Are these dogs spoiled or what?? Check out the video of Ziggy taking a dip.

Steele was the second pup to join MaPaw on Monday. He is also estimated to be 1 – 2 years old. He has the same fun-loving personality as Ziggy. He is having a great time playing with his housemates and cuddling with the humans when it’s time for a break.

I know you’re saying to yourself ~ “Geez, MaPaw, that’s a lot of dogs!” But we’re not done yet, my friends.

On Tuesday (July 26th) we got a call from another area shelter about a young adult male Sibe that had been surrendered by his owners. Unfortunately, the shelter was full and he needed MaPaw’s help. Again, one of our foster homes stepped forward and Rogan was whisked into rescue. He is a cool pup with an awesome personality.

Last week we received a call from someone that knew of a 5 month old female that desperately needed our help. Shelby had been purchased online and was completely unsocialized when she arrived at her new home. Her new owner tried to work with her along with a trainer, but he was just not able to make the progress he wanted with her. He felt that she was not happy and he thought he had no other options for her. When Shelby’s owner found out that we would bring her into one of our experienced foster homes, he jumped at the chance. She joined her foster home on Thursday and within a few hours, she had found her way into her foster Mom’s lap. The photo isn’t great, but we didn’t want to stress her out. Shelby will need time to gain confidence and trust her human caregivers. We expect with the help of the other pups in her foster home, Shelby will become a totally different dog!

I’m not quite done yet, folks! As I write this, there is another pup making her way to her MaPaw foster home. Sadie is a 10 year old that had been adopted from an area shelter. Unfortunately, her adopters felt that caring for a senior was too much work and returned her to the shelter. When the shelter contacted us because they were full, we immediately agreed to bring her into MaPaw. Last update was that Miss Sadie had made a detour for a “spa treatment” courtesy of MaPaw volunteers, Dave and Karen. She should be joining her foster home shortly where she’ll be met with a delicious meal, plenty of pets and, knowing those nosy Huskies, a few snouts in her face!

Whew ~ that was a lot of typing. My paws are tired!! I know ~ if I stayed on top of my blogging, I wouldn’t have this problem. Well, I will try to be better…

Welcome Neiko, Courtney, Ziggy, Steele, Rogan, Shelby and Sadie!

~ Scout

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