Age: 18 Months
Sex: Male
Size: Average

Congratulations Mason!!!

Mason is a handsome and happy Siberian Husky/Collie mix that is approximately 1.5 years old just waiting to be someone’s new best friend!

This young man is a joy to be around ~ He is the perfect size (60 pounds), great with kids and loves other dogs his size and larger. He is crate trained and housetrained and knows his basic commands. He is truly a good ambassador in his foster home and just loves everyone.

Mason loves to carry on a conversation with anyone interested in his opinions and will bark briefly to alert of any newcomers at the door or on the property. He is good on a leash and he just loves to cuddle – perfect for those upcoming cooler nights!

If you are looking for a companion that is sure to make you smile, Mason may be the perfect match for you!


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