Rocky, Buck, & Maxx

Hi Puppies, our campaign to find a home for Rocky & Buck has worked out better than we could have imagined. In their previous home, Rocky& Buck had another brother named Maxx. Maxx was a young, independant Sibe, and although he loved his brothers very much, he was able to adapt to life without them. Maxx was adopted by a wonderful family a few months ago and has settled nicely into his new home. In fact, Maxx’s new family love him so much, they came back to MaPaw to ask if they could adopt two more Siberians. They had looked on our website, but left it up tous to make a suggestion about a couple Huskies who would get along well in their home. Boy, did we know just the pair! We said we have Maxx’s two former brothers and of course Maxx’s mom and dad were taken by the idea of reuniting the trio.

When Rocky & Buck arrised at Maxx’s house, they were thrilled to see their brother again. Buck and Maxx jumped into a wrestling match while Rocky explored. Maxx showed them around his home and all three of them ran around sniffing and causing mischief. We did not just keep brothers together, we reunited them in a happy forever home.

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