Return of the One-Eyed

Well, Puppies, despite applications, reference checks, and home visits, sometimes we end up with a bad match and the dog we thought was in a happy home returns to rescue. While Codey and Dawkin were off at the meet & greet this weekend, Maximus came back to our home. Here he is trying to hide behind Ananya, but I convinced him to let me take pictures for educational purposes.

Here is a shot of Maximus and myself at the end of March before he was adopted. Note his handsome, insulating, silver and white coat.

Here is a shot of us now. That is right, they shaved him.These people failed to mention on their application that they wanted a dog who would obey orders immediately and without any training. They also wanted a dog who would sit quietly while a toddler poked him in the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. The toddler is lucky Maximus is too nice of a dog to bite because that probably would have pushed me to the edge. I think a Siberian Husky is not the breed they want. Maximus is understandably confused about moving around, and he will have to wait all summer for his fur to return. I am sure you all know that our fur protects us in the summer from the heat and sunlight, not to mention bugs, irritating plants, and the teeth of our rough housing foster siblings. Shaving does not make us cooler, it makes us vulnerable. One thing these people did right is returning Maximus to us so we can find a family who appreciates a well-behaved, friendly Sibe.

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