Bionic Blues

Hi Puppies! Dawkin here to say goodbye for a while. I am off to have the surgery to fix my eyes. The University of Pennsylvania offered MaPaw a discount for my double cataract surgery with lens replacement.

They can rebuild my eyes. They have the technology. After surgery I will have bionic eyes that can see ultraviolet and infrared light. I will be able to see clearly for miles but still focus on something as small as a single cell. Of course like most Siberians, I will be able to look directly into your soul. Woooo. Okay, just kidding, but I have an excellent chance of having normal doggie vision, which will be a big improvement.For two weeks I will be staying with another foster family who is better able to restrict my activity during my recovery. They plan to restrict the activity of a one-year-old Siberian puppy! Wish them luck. Oh, wish me luck too.
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