Tagged Again

Hey Puppies! Hey! Codey here again. So Magnum tummy tagged Echo and then Echo tummy tagged me. You know how Magnum said he doen’t like to show his tummy? Well that goes double for me. I do not like to show my tummy at all. In the spirit of the game, though, I did allow Foster Mom to take a picture of my tummy while I was on my side.

Then Dawkin came along and stepped on me. Do you see why we protect our tummies around here?

That brings me to the news Magnum told me to share. Dawkin, who you met briefly in a previous post, has come to live with us.

Dawkin is awaiting his lens replacement surgery and will stay here until he recovers. Right now he is mostly blind, which is part of the reason he steps on us. He also does it because he’s a 1-year-old puppy who wants to play all the time. Here he is in a brief moment of repose using Magnum as a pillow.I prefer a Bailey pillow, but as a 2-year-old, I am naturally much more mature than Dawkin. Don’t get me wrong, though, I like him a lot. While I was a little nervous about the big dogs living here, Dawkin busted in here and started playing with everyone, so then I saw that they were gentle pups living here and I started playing too. My foster humans say I’m still not good at sharing toys (Why would I share? They’re all mine!) so the toys are out of reach for now. That’s okay, we can find plenty of things to do, like wrestle, run, and dig.Dawkin wanted to play the tummy game too, and since he’s the only one who actually shows his tummy, I guess it’s okay.
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