Pet Expo

Hi Puppies! Last weekend MaPaw made a big appearance at the Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo. I did not make a personal appearance, but plenty of MaPaw dogs hung out there howling, shedding, and generally drawing a crowd. Plenty of people came to pet Huskies, talk about Huskies, buy Husky merchandise, and donate to rescue Huskies. Below is Meeka modeling our new donation vests. Meeka, like me, was rescued through MaPaw and now helps the dogs still looking for forever homes. He was quite pleased that people were paying him simply for being his wonderous self.

While there, the MaPaw folks got to visit with a bunch of other rescue folks, and Rocky and Buck even met a couple Alpacas! It was a great way to kick off our meet and greet season. We can only hope they will all be so successful.

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