Hi puppies, Magnum here. Those of you who have been following for a little while know that when one puppy gets adopted, another quickly fills the void. There are always a couple puppies on the waiting list to come into MaPaw. So of course when Chena joined her new family (I have heard she and Kenai are doing great!) less than 24 hours passed before I got meet Maximus.

Maximus is an extra large Husky, just like I am. He got along with everyone here right from the beginning. He does have something in common with Jasper though, he has only one eye. Maximus lived with a family for six years before glaucoma caused his right eye to become swollen and sightless, at which point they dropped him at the local shelter. The shelter called MaPaw about this beautiful Siberian in need of medical attention, and we jumped to take care of him. As you can see, his “special need” does not slow him down at all.

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