Bye-Bye Puppies!

Hi Puppies, Magnum here. MaPaw had a big event last weekend. Volunteers gathered from various points in eastern Pennsylvania to pick up the puppies and transport them to their adoptive homes scattered throughout the area. The puppies were nervous about being apart from their littermates and meeting new dogs and people, but they will soon realize how much love and attention they will receive from their new families. I know I was nervous when I first came to live with Mama and Papa, but now I know they feed me, and I have fun with my brother and sister. Above Jasper checks on Willow and reassures her that her new home will be wonderful. I have to admit, I saw a nurturing side of Jasper for the first time while this little puppy spent a two-hour layover at my house. Maybe he is not as bad as I thought. We will see. Below Moose (now Apollo) gives his new big brother, Rocky, a respectful, if somewhat formal, bow on their first encounter. I guess his foster siblings let him know how to get off on the right paw with the older pack members. That is a smart puppy. I am sure all the puppies will settle in and feel like a part of the new pack in no time.

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