Lucky’s Wooded Adventure

Hey puppies! It’s me, Lucky. Foster Dad and The Lady took us all hiking in the Pocono Mountains on Sunday. What a great time we had! We missed the peak foliage time, but there were still some gorgeous colors to enjoy. Magnum was in charge of carrying the water and snacks. Everyone had a job. My job was looking cute and agreeing to pose for some pictures

Oops! Someone left their chimney out in the woods. That’s me sitting next to my foster sister, Ananya the Newfie. My foster brothers, Bailey and Magnum, are sitting on the same broken piece of foundation.

Ananya and Magnum worked hard to pull The Lady up the big hill. It’s a good thing for her she has so many working dogs around to help her.

Hurry up, guys, let’s see what’s ahead!

Whoa! Check out this view! We could see a farm and a stream down in the valley. I bet at night time you could see a lot of stars from up here.

Foster Dad and I raced down the big hill, jumping logs and skipping from rock to rock. Of course The Lady lagged way behind us. I guess there aren’t many humans who can keep up with a Siberian Husky.

Okay, I tease The Lady, but she’s not so bad. We found that stream that we saw from on top the big hill. We all waded in the pool at the bottom of this water fall and got a cool drink.

We paused for a snack around midday. Bailey and I know how to keep our eyes on the prize. Magnum and Ananya are good puppies, but sometimes they’re a little too fluffy-headed.

Is this the same stream or a differnt one? Either way I’m sure there’s a squirrel out there who needs a good stare. Magnum’s right there to help me keep an eye out for them.

I hope we get more adventures like this one. I will end by gracing you all with a look at my fine fluffy tail.

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