Heeeeerre’s Cosmos!

This hansome and comical fellow is Cosmos. Cosmos was in a shelter in Philly for over a month – and boy was he stinky!!! Not anymore. He’s a gorgeous lite red & cream husky with those fabulous baby blues. He’s a talker and he’ll tell you all about everything, especially when you come home from work. He’s only about 1 year old and needs to put on weight, but he’s otherwise healthy. We think he was most likely someone’s pet and wanderlust got the better of him.

He’s been with us for about a month now. We’ve learned that he knows to sit when told and down. He’s now going to obedience school to keep him busy and learn excellent manners. One week and I can tell he’s incredibly smart but does things on his terms.

He’s crate trained but hates being in the crate with the door shut. He does go into the crate for naps & time outs. He’s housebroken – though we’ve had a few accidents to tell us how much he hates being in the crate. He is good with kids and extremely playful – a home with another young dog who likes to wrestle would be ideal. He loves attention but is not overtly affectionate.

Cosmos needs to put on about 10 pounds, but he is a very picky eater, so it hasn’t been easy. He will counter surf if things are available. We also need to find treats he’s in love with – not even hot dogs are getting his attention at school. Cheese is next on the list.

He gets on fabulously with our 6 yr old GSD & 2 Yr old husky. He is very noisy and slightly aggressive when meeting a new dog, but works it out & turns to play quickly. Cosmos has not even tried to jump our 4 foot fence, but he has broken through a weak spot to wonder the neighborhood, So Cosmos, like most huskeys, must be under observation when outside.

Cosmos is a great dog and will be a great addition to the perfect family willing to give him love and attention.

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