Willie Nelson

Age: 5-6 years
Sex: Male
Size: Average


As you can see, Willie Nelson is a handsome husky with big blue eyes. Willie originally came to MaPaw with aggression issues, but we could see that he was a really good dog at heart. It was later discovered that Willie has problems with his sight, and he’s since been formally diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease called Cloudy Eye. Once his condition was recognized it seemed to explain the aggression issues of this otherwise great dog. Willie has already lost a large percentage of his sight and may eventually be completely blind.

MaPaw’s goal was to transition this good boy from being a permanent resident into an adoptable dog, so in an effort to achieve this Willie has received special needs training from a professional trainer. Through a lot of focused work, patience, and love, Willie has become a confident dog, and the time has come to find his forever home. Willie’s adoptive family will need guidance with this special needs boy, and will have to work with MaPaw for a transitioning process, requiring several visits to MaPaw in order to get to know Willie before moving with you to his new home.

Those who’ve worked closely with Willie believe the optimal conditions for him are a stable home with a human(s) home most of the time in order to offer Willie proper companionship. Willie could do well with calmer doggy companions who are his same size (no small dogs or other small animals), although he may prefer to be an only dog. Willie is good with older children, but not with toddlers or babies due to their abrupt or unpredictable movements and noise level.

Willie loves to go for brisk walks, loves car rides, and he’s used to an environment where music is playing most of the time. Willie might be okay in a home without a fenced yard if the appropriate level of activity is provided for him.

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