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Looking for that special friend?

MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral Service, Inc. is excited for the opportunity to help you find your new family member! Old, young or anywhere in between, our dogs have lots of love to give and are waiting for their forever homes. New to the breed? Learn about the Siberian here, and find out if the breed’s unique characteristics are a match for your family and lifestyle. If you are familiar with the breed and want to see who is available, check out Our Available Dogs. MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue is an organization dedicated to the caring and placement of Siberian Husky and Husky mix dogs into loving, permanent homes through adoption and referral services. All of our dogs are given individual attention that allows us to learn about their personalities and needs. This knowledge helps us to place our dogs in homes that are best suited for them, which results in rewarding and lasting relationships. Please Note: Our adoption process includes home visits, therefore, our adoption area is limited to 100 miles of Philadelphia, Pa. If you are outside of our adoption area, please visit or to locate rescues in your area. Don’t forget to check with your local shelters ~ many Siberians end up there! Due to the Siberian Husky’s high prey drive, we do not place them in homes with cats or other smaller pets.

Help Us Pay the Vet!

Hi all! The vets we work with are wonderful! But they can only extend credit for so long and our bills are adding up very quickly. We are trying to raise funds to pay down our current vet bill! Your help is beyond appreciated. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Please help if you can! You can mail directly to the vet at: Schwenksville Vet 298 Meyers Road, Schwenksville, PA 19473 (610) 287-8960 They will gladly accept checks for our rescue. Again, even one dollar helps!!

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MaPaw on TV!!!

7/12/14 - Thank you channel 6ABC for featuring MaPaw on the "Shelter Me" segment this morning!

Foster Homes Needed!

The number of pups we can bring into rescue depends on the amount of foster space we have available. We never have a shortage of pups needing rescue, and for some, we are their only chance at a second chance. Foster homes are our greatest asset and the resource we need the most. We provide everything you need ~ crate, blankets, food and medical care. You provide a safe and secure home where our pup will be loved and cared for until they find their forever family. Please contact us if you have any questions about fostering or click here to submit an application to foster a MaPaw dog.

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Some of Our Available Dogs

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