In Memory

No matter how long they are with us, they find their way into our hearts. When it is time for them to wear their silver harness and dance north of the Rainbow Bridge, it is never easy for us. We each mourn our beloved companions differently. Here we honor their memory.

This is not good-bye dear friend, it is simply until we meet again.

In Memory of Collette

?? – 7.13.2000 So many people cared, our brave little one You’re free now pretty girl, we love and miss you.

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In Memory of Christie

Our beloved Christie has journeyed North of the Rainbow Bridge to join our other fur-angels. Christie came into rescue as a senior and recently found her forever home with Paulette in Allentown, PA. Christie was so happy and it was truly a Happy Tail. Thank you Paulette for giving Christie more »

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In Memory of Carly

God Speed Sweet Girl Know that you were loved by Many Visit the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance site to read Carly’s In Memory A special thank you to Karen, Eric and our friends at Blind Dog Rescue Alliance for everything that they do.

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In Memory of Buddy

It is with great sadness we come to hear this. From a life of neglect…to an army of helpers. He passed on knowing that he was loved.

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In Memory of Brandi

While we will never know the entire story of Brandi’s life, we do know that she was found living in horrible conditions. Having lost her sister, she clung to life while she kept watch over her sister’s body. She must have been so scared and confused. On August 18, 2006, more »

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In Memory of Boris

Our gentle giant. He’s joined his Natasha now and is happy again.

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In Memory of Aspen

Aspen, a handsome BIG boy, quietly began his final journey to the Bridge. He died at home, curled up in his sleep. Actually “quiet” was never Aspen’s style. He came in about ten years ago ~ a larger than life husky youngster. It took a special home and a special more »

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In Memory of Amy

Tim fostered Amy for almost a year and a half. She was a stray from Perkiomenville SPCA. We pulled her in February of 2007. She came in as Amelia, but Tim decided it wasn’t a pretty enough name for a pretty girl. Much to Amy M.’s chagrin, she had a more »

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In Memory of Abby

Her name was Abby …. and she was loved. She was a dog that no one wanted, until she found her way home to her forever family. A true Siberian, Abby was a challenge: head strong, talented escape artist, incredibly intelligent and a complete love. The world was hers- she more »

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Age: Approximately 13 Years
Sex: Male
Size: Average
Aero never knew what it was like to be a pet. He never had a chance. Aero was dangerously thin, filthy and matted. Our hearts went out to him when we met him ~ his muscle mass had deteriorated, his confidence had faltered and yet he looked up at us with a glimmer of hope… and the tail wagged ever so softly.

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