Sponsor a MaPaw Dog

We wish there were perfect homes for every husky in need. The truth is, there just aren’t. Some of our guests, we know, are permanent. If a foster dog becomes “unadoptable” for reasons of health, age or behavior (other than dangerous biting) we do not euthanize him or her, even when faced with high medical bills or a lifetime commitment. As long as they are pain-free and can still enjoy life, we will provide them with ongoing love, shelter and medical care.

This commitment comes with a high price tag. While our foster caregivers are all volunteers and not compensated in any way. The feeding and medical care must be financed from our nonprofit group’s limited funds – which are also needed for vet exams, vaccinations, medications and spay/neuter for ALL of the foster dogs in our care. Unfortunately, as with anything, money plays a key role in determining how many huskies we can help.

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